Clemson-Tec Experience

This new page of the blog is to talk about my experience in this new project between Clemson and Tec. I hope you like it, and if you are a student of any of these schools I hope you apply for the program next year.

The journey to Clemson

My journey started with other two of my fellow students: Eduardo (left) and Ramón (right). We had a flight departing from San Antonio, TX with a stop at Atlanta, and finally a short flight to Greenville, SC. Here we waited for some of our other partners. The trip was great and a bit confusing, because we three are not used to fly alone so we were a bit lost at the airports, but it was fun because we were together.

After our arrival to Greenville we “explored” the airport which is very small and had a small meal while waited for our partners and the Clemson shuttle that was picking us up. After a few hours now we are seven instead of three. Camila (right), Irma (left), Ricardo (guy at the right sitting), and Gabriel (guy in black standing up) arrived!

During the journey between the airport and Clemson University we were amazed by the amount of green we saw along the highway and on campus. We were received by professor Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte (in orange in the picture), one of the coordinators of the program, and got access to our apartments at Calhoun Courts on the east side of campus (a bit far away from we are taking our classes, but I’ll talk about that later).

After installing at our respective rooms we decided to go for a small walk in the campus and town with the professor. We rapidly realized how small the place is, but it still feels comfy and friendly. Everyone greeted us with smile. We stopped by a Burger Joint at Downtown Clemson (it is small, but really cool and fun). Here we had a very good meal and met the Clemson representative, our new friend, Beth (in the middle far away)!

After this we decided it was a good idea to go for some groceries to a “nearby” Walmart in a town called Central, and as Beth said “You visited three towns in one day”. For us this shopping was a new experience, since we live with our families, so our shopping was far from perfect, but we are still learning to make it better!

2016-05-21 22.31.38

After that, the other guys arrived, but you will see pictures of them in day 2!

The complete team at Y beach!

Sunday arrived and we were about to have our first full day at Clemson; the morning was free for us to explore the campus and at 3 pm we needed to be ready for a welcome BBQ at Y beach!

So one of my roommates, Eduardo, and I woke up pretty early for a summer Sunday (7:30) and decided to go across campus to the football stadium, The Death Valley. We went for a 20 minute walk (yeah…it was long and tiring) but it was worth it (as you can see in the picture).


We were amazed by the whole campus, but specially by the stadium because it is REALLY big (it holds 80,000 people)!

At 3 we came back to the apartments and went for a ride with all the professors and the squad. To Y beach a small section of artificial beach along Lake Hartwell made by CU (yeah..that is amazing, I know)


We arrived at the lake, and met all the family: people from Clemson that will be interacting with us,  some guys from El Paso that came for a similar summer project, and the professors’ families! We had a great time at the lake swimming, diving, playing Frisbee, soccer and obviously having a delicious meal! I could easily say that we all had a great time!


Monday of tour around Campus!

Monday comes and we have our first formal session as we are introduced to our courses, and have a meal at Harcombe Dining. Our first impression was very good since it is a buffet! Something we are not used to see at a school. And the food was REALLY good.

After having our first meal at school we headed to the Visitors Center where we met Blake Page, our tour guide. We listened to some history of the university and the campus. We learned that is originally a plantation owned by John C. Calhoun and after a series of events it was inherited by Thomas Clemson, who in his will donated the land to the state of South Carolina, so it was turned into an agricultural college. I recommend you to look for more info regarding Clemson’s history, personally I think it is very interesting.

Blake took us around campus, explaining mostly things related to the buildings in which we will hang out the most. We had a lot of fun with Blake during the tour, and we added one more friend to our group.

2016-05-23 14.13.57.jpg 2016-05-23 14.45.44.jpg






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